Carved into pear wood by the greatest artist of the Renaissance, Albrecht Dürer’s Apocalypse sequence remains one of the most totemic, terrifying, and transcendent depiction of the Book of Revelation. It is, therefore, altogether fitting and proper that our esteemed psyop sleaze rag has vulgarized the work for our own obscene ends, with each panel corresponding with a station in our year-long Book of Revelations.

The name APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL–a collision of Feral House’s notorious Apocalypse Culture essay collection and the magisterial L.A. Confidential by James Ellroy–has eluded precise meaning, even to me, and a year later, precise definition is a mystery. To hazard an interpretation and an ersatz mission statement for the next year and beyond, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL is both a place and a tone, a location that isn’t on any map and a feeling that defies classification. It is the understanding that the scariest thing about an apocalypse isn’t that it’s the end of the world, but the unveiling of another–and that apocalypses happen every day. As we chart forth through this underworld, we hope that these Revelations of Year One of the APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL will serve as beacons showing us where we’ve been and guide us to where we’re going.


— J Everett, editor-in-chief & publisher

Revelation 1 (2/23/21)

Revelation 2 (3/9/21)

Revelation 3 (3/25/21)

Revelation 4 (4/11/21)

Revelation 5 (5/12/21)

Revelation 6 (6/11/21)

Revelation 7 (6/29/21)

Revelation 8 (7/30/21)

Revelation 9 (8/20/21)

Revelation 10 (9/3/21)


Revelation 11 (9/30/21)

Revelation 12 (10/8/21)


Revelation 13 (11/12/21 and 11/20/21)

Revelation 14 (12/11/21)

Revelation 15 (1/14/22)

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