Welcome, dear readers, to the HALLOWEEN special edition of APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL. Halloween is, as Scottish poet Robert Burns said, “thought to be a night when witches, devils, and other mischief-making beings are all abroad on their baneful midnight errands.” It is the ultimate liminal space: not just a transition from autumn to winter, but between living and dead, when the barrier between our world and the netherworld is at its weakest point, and sometimes, ghosts, ghouls and “other mischief-making beings” cross the threshold to wreak their deeds among the living. While certainly macabre, there’s something strangely comforting about that image, especially when you’re in good company. So as the storm of ghouls rages outside this weekend, settle in with your hot drink of choice and enjoy the company of the following stories, essays, poetry, and more. We have a veritable bushel of apples for you–but be careful: some apples herein are riddled with worms, and others hide razorblades.

Happy reading, and happy Halloween!

— J Everett, editor and publisher

A Most Unfortunate Man by Arbogast

An Afterlife for Whales by Noam Hessler

“An American Exorcism (in three parts)” by J. Martin Strangeweather

The Autumn Witch of Crawford County by Brendan

Baptism Of Wisdom by HS Thurston

The Bug Chaser by Todd Matthews

Burial At Or/And by Will

Corn on Macabre – An Appreciation of Robert McCammon by Detective Wolfman

Count Whack-ula by Matt Fresta

Demons for Dummies by Joseph Aisenberg

Dr. Brian O’Blivion’s TV Channel Guide – Horror Movie Marathon with Additional Programming by EMPTYCOLLECTIVE

“Frankenstein God” by J. Martin Strangeweather

Fulci the Pessimist by Dan Thrall

Hatterras by IHJ

Helios In Amber & “Jupiter Scarred” by KS

House Party by AA Moore

“In Cold Blood Moon” by Tom Will

Lubricious Musings, or A Dead Bed Of Roses by Josef Desade

Miss Jones and the Designs of the Devil by PFG

My Little Judgment Day by necrozoid

The Night Guest by KS

Palm Sunday by Max Thrax

Prince of Putridity by Lindsay Temple

The Rat-Man of Yellowdale Industrial by Clark

Sailor’s Knoll by Paul Carlucci

Semen World by postwillem

Souvenirs From Dead Man’s House by Gabriel Hart

Thirteen Apples by Jim Towns

Though The Witches Are All Hung by Dawson Wohler

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