Revelation 2 (3/9/21)

“AVOID THE VOID” – An Interview with Sterling Bartlett, Author of How Did We Get Here?

The Big Jump — Dawson Wohler

“DC Twice” – “A Flight With No Meal” – “Fahey Brand Turtle Food” — Tom Will

“Killing Gomer Pyle” – “Rosebud” — Hayden Church

Male Idyll — Zach Langley Chi Chi

out in the desert, the shaggy hippie dream, such as it was, died with the Manson family, bleached and withered by the Sun and CIA-grade acid, crystallized into a mall with a Sharper Image and a Williams-Sonoma haunted by the ghosts of an old silver mine prospector and an Apache war chieftain locked in eternal combat. — J EVERETT

Visions Of God — Carmen English

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