graphic by Gwen Ovis (@rancid0rchid)

Today is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, “nine-eleven,” the events of September 11, 2001. To commemorate the occasion, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL is launching what we’ve misnomerically dubbed a zine–maybe we’ll put out the print version in time for NINE/ELEVEN:25, 30, 40, or maybe future events will eclipse 9/11, the fabled 9/11 2. We’ll have a zine for that.

Please enjoy the submissions for NINE/ELEVEN:20. They range from poetry and reminiscences to critical excavations and short fiction. Some are about 9/11, others are more…around it. But if you squint hard enough, you might see the outline of a tower looming behind the text.

“black cube”

I Was A Teenage Rapture Prepper

At Least We’ll Be Eaten Together

“There Is a Way Out”

The Legend-Tripper


Velvet Steel

“American T-Shirts”

Baby’s First Sexually Transmitted Infection

Watching In Wait


Nothing Corresponds To Death Except Death

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