APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL is a web magazine of edgy extrapolations, fringe fascinations, occult obsessions, risky ruminations, and aberrant associations. We have been variously described as a psyop sleaze rag, a crackpot cookbook, a garbage-time almanack, a speculative anatomical grimoire, a Long Hidden Friend, a psychotronic survey of the pyrotechnic insanitarium, a journal of poetics, goetics, and theoretics, and a hypebeast health-goth apparel brand masquerading as a cyber-medievalist woodcut Metal Gear Solid fanzine.

Some of our particular/peculiar interests are schlock/sleazoid cinema (giallo flicks, Mondo flicks, splatter flicks, slasher flicks, skin flicks, drive-in flicks, grindhouse flicks), silent-film sorcery, Hollywood Babylon, Biblical exegesis, psychogeography, urbanism, time-out-of-jointedness, Rankin/Bass arcana, Looney Tunes as the gesamtkunstwerk of the Twentieth Century, weird fiction, Gothic fiction, pulp fiction, pulp esoterica, high strangeness, hidden history, liminal spaces, subliminal phrases, libidinal forces, the uncanny, dream theory, splatterpunk, cyberpunk, nostalgia (real or Internet-induced), old wounds, Hasbro hermeticism, the occult roots of [FILL IN THE BLANK], the works of Ballard, Borges, Blake, Bay (Michael), Francis Bacon (the painter), Francesca Woodman, James Shelby Downard, Robert Anton Wilson, Tracy Twyman, William Friedkin, Thomas Pynchon, Ellroy, Ellis, Ligotti, and Lovecraft (though we prefer his work filtered through Stuart Gordon).

The result of too much Evan Williams eggnog during Christmastime, APOCCON formally debuted in February, 2021. We are based in the Portland area, in your screen, in your head, and in your walls.