Established in 2021, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL is a web magazine of edgy extrapolations, fringe fascinations, occult obsessions, risky ruminations, and aberrant associations. We are a literary journal obsessed with the underworld, both demonological and criminological – the collision of crooks in coats wielding machine guns and creeps in cloaks wielding jagged daggers. We are fascinated by the way parapolitics is to history and current events as urban exploration is to architecture. We are turned on by the synthesis of low lives and high strangeness. We excavate the Carcosan aspect of modern life. We are a home for dime-store Dostoevskys and ten-dollar Thompsons. We have been variously described as a psyop sleaze rag, a psychotronic survey of the pyrotechnic insanitarium, and a hypebeast health-goth apparel brand masquerading as a cyber-medievalist woodcut Metal Gear Solid fanzine.

Some of our particular/peculiar interests are schlock/sleazoid cinema (giallo flicks, Mondo flicks, splatter flicks, slasher flicks, skin flicks, drive-in flicks, grindhouse flicks), silent-film sorcery, Hollywood Babylon, lost continents, ancient apocalypses, psychogeography, time-out-of-jointedness, shipwrecks, Rankin/Bass arcana, Looney Tunes as the gesamtkunstwerk of the Twentieth Century, weird menace, Gothic fiction, pulp fiction, pulp esoterica, Westerns, the hidden history of your hometown, liminal spaces, subliminal phrases, libidinal forces, the Cosmic Bomb, splatterpunk, cyberpunk, nostalgia (real or Internet-induced), old wounds, Hasbro hermeticism, the occult roots of [FILL IN THE BLANK], Lovecraft as filtered through Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, the works of James Ellroy and Theodore Roszak, and smoke-filled back rooms.


Jacob Everett is the editor-in-chief and publisher. He couldn’t think of a good bio to write, which is why he sticks to publishing.

Rachael Haigh, our director of operations, is originally from Southern California, but now is subletting at Baba Yaga’s house. Her Twitter is @_kitchenknife.

Will Waltz lives in St. Louis. As books editor, he believes, like Frederic Goudy, that “with twenty-six soldiers of lead, we will conquer the world.”

Essays editor Eitan Zion lives in the desert. He writes fiction but he reads philosophy. He’s on Twitter @natienoizy.

Tom Will is the poetry editor. His book, Pale Townie is out via APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL Press. His other books are: You, the Viewer at Home, Moon (Maximus) and Sonnet Cycle (Schism Press). He has been published in places like Expat, Misery Tourism, and Door is A Jar. He lives in Tennessee and loves you very much.

Born in a log cabin in 1853, Max Thrax rose from steerhand to gladhand to President. Now he works as managing editor of APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL. His novel God is a Killer is available from Close to the Bone Publishing. 

Fiction editor Dawson Wohler is a writer from Ohio. Follow him on Twitter at @dawsferatu.

Visual arts editor Brendan McCauley is an artist, writer and podcaster based out of Tempe, Arizona. He is the creator & host of the Tales From The Mall podcast, and co-creator & writer of The Isolation Chamber. Brendan loves his cats, Miklo and Shaq. Brendan’s Twitter handle is @luso_brendan.

Tully K is a 33-year-old malcontent living in Portland, OR, where he is editor-at-large. You can find him saying stupid things on Twitter @ripcitythug or sometimes posting his photography on Instagram @tullys_photos.