Revelation 11 (9/30/21)

“The Arms of Venus de Milos” – “Ancestor” – “Eleven Infants of Detroit”Adam Mahout

“Black Leaves” – “The Earthstar” – “Nicodemus” — Humphrey ‘Huck’ Astley

“Cabin Porn” – “Executive Ensuite” — Bryce Warnes

“Fritz Hermann, Vampire of Hanover; Song of Experience” — Amir Naaman

QUIS UT DEUS? (Who Is Like Unto God?) — John Dios

Shaving Cream — Jeremy Scott

“When you opened the book…” – “I opened my mouth…” — Jason Heroux

“YOU PLAY OKAY” – “which end is this end” – “from up high” — Sarah Mintz

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