General submissions are CLOSED for the remainder of the year. We are always open for submissions in all categories. For inquiries, essay, interviews, art/comics, and special presentation submissions email us at

For general fiction submissions please send them to

For general poetry submissions, please send them to

Please send submissions as a Word or Google doc, any images you’d like included, how you’d like to be credited, a short bio in third person, and any links for promotion (blog, portfolio, etc.). Include your Twitter handle if you wish to be tagged.

“Our creative touchstones at APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL are authors like Harlan Ellison, Shirley Jackson, Clive Barker, China Miéville, and Jim Thompson; authors who, above all, pushed boundaries.” — fiction editor, D.A. Wohler

Simultaneous submissions are permitted, except for special presentations, though please let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. Reprints and excerpts are permitted as well, though we prefer to publish original work.

“To paraphrase Frank O’Hara: Almost no poets are better than the movies. Send us poems that are better than the movies.” — poetry editor, Tom Will

We are unable to pay for submissions at this time, but writers retain full ownership of their work. For fiction, keep submissions no longer than 2,000 words. For poetry, please limit submissions to no more than 5 pages.

We are open for submissions for our BAD BACK JACK THANKSGIVING SPECTACULAR. Deadline: November 8th.

Manuscript submissions are currently closed. We are currently open for manuscript submissions as well.