APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL a journal of edgy extrapolations, fringe fascinations, occult obsessions, risky ruminations, and aberrant associations.

Some of our particular/peculiar interests are schlock/sleazoid cinema (giallo flicks, Mondo flicks, splatter flicks, slasher flicks, skin flicks, drive-in flicks, grindhouse flicks), silent-film Hollywood as lost civilization, Biblical exegesis, psychogeography, urbanism, time-out-of-jointedness, cyber-medievalism, weird fiction, Gothic fiction, pulp fiction, pulp esoterica, high strangeness, hidden history, liminal spaces, subliminal phrases, the uncanny, dream theory, splatterpunk, cyberpunk, nostalgia (real or Internet-induced), Hasbro hermeticism, the occult roots of [FILL IN THE BLANK], the works of Ballard, Borges, Bay (Michael), James Shelby Downard, Robert Anton Wilson, Ellroy, Ellis, Ligotti, and Lovecraft (though we prefer his work filtered through Stuart Gordon).

We are always open for Essay, Poetry, Fiction, and Postcard submissions–email us at with a pitch or draft (please send as a Word or Google doc for text submissions; jpg/png for Postcard submissions), any images you’d like included, how you’d like to be credited, a short bio, and any links for promotion (Twitter account, personal blog, etc.) You can also get in touch via our Twitter account: @APOCCON_MAG.

We are unable to pay for submissions at this time, but writers retain full ownership of their work. Ideal word count is between 300 and 3000 words, but if your piece needs more space, or you have the perfect single-word submission, we won’t necessarily turn it down. We look forward to hearing from you.