out in the desert, the shaggy hippie dream, such as it was, died with the Manson family, bleached and withered by the Sun and CIA-grade acid, crystallized into a mall with a Sharper Image and a Williams-Sonoma haunted by the ghosts of an old silver mine prospector and an Apache war chieftain locked in eternal combat. 

I wrote this…poem, prose fragment, tonal nonsense, whatever.. and read it at the beginning of the ELLROY BOYS episode on White Of The Eye, a 1987 masterpiece of cosmic misogyny, a vaporwave gothic Arizona giallo truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I strongly encourage you to watch the movie and listen to the episode.

— J Everett is the editor and publisher of APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL, co-host of the ELLROY BOYS podcast and tweets as BLAUERGEIST!

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