Visions Of God

You cannot conceive of anything you’ve never seen.

Why do you think all our fantasies of aliens are anthropomorphic? Is it because it’s true? Or because none of us have ever seen any animal aside from humans and monkeys able to manipulate tools and materials with the same ability? I can’t say if aliens really would look like us but i can definitely tell you no fucking space deer is going to build a space-faring vessel with his hooves.
These visions of aliens are a vision of our future, a possibility for us to embody synthesized from every aspect of life. The cold sterile conception of aliens was birthed after the enlightenment. before that, they would have only been known as Gods. Look at this map, is it really just a coincidence that aliens only visit secular countries? Countries that have forgotten and lost the face of god? That can’t recognize religious vision when it smacks them in the face?

THE FACT that the greatest advancements in technology in the last century started as fantasy in the minds of writers and artists. The cell phone from Star Trek. The internet conceived by Arthur C. Clark as a universally accessible and infinite library. Man’s fantasy of flight attempted over and over until the Wright brothers found an answer but started off as wings strapped to man’s arms, the vision of Icarus embodied by reality.

THE RELEGATION of imagination to the mind only, as pure unrealistic fantasy makes you accept the material without question. Because imagining a better life is problematic for corrupt worms who wish only to do the bare minimum while they rampantly stuff their own pockets. You have it better than anywhere else on the planet. So many things to buy. How could you be unhappy? Why do you want it to be better?

But things can always be better, as more and more people give up on big issues, writing them off as set in the stone of society’s structure, immovable and resolute, more and more problems emerge, worsening day by day. They can’t be solved they say, it can’t be done, impossible.

OF COURSE IT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. Your scope is too small. You’re trying to answer huge issues with microscopic tools. Looking for political solutions to deeply moral issues. The material world has blinded you, these problems can’t be solved with money, money isn’t real. it changes nothing. money only gets people to act, and even then only act the bare minimum.

Real change requires conviction, it requires vision, it requires a view from 10 million feet above the world of man, it requires the vision of God. Only God has the full vision of God but we can forever strive to match him, absorbing each and every aspect of life, each and every thread that builds a problem.

Maybe you’ve given up, facing the complexity of the world the futility is overwhelming. ‘Better men than me have tried and failed’, better men than you have also died in dumpsters of drug overdoses! ‘Better men’ pfft I spit on their failed corpses! They failed! Each and every one. Now is your chance at bat, and you have the sum of human knowledge at your fingertips. The entire panorama of life mainlined fiber optically into your pocket and into your home. The latent knowledge of all the better men you quake before the thought of has been summed in its entirety beneath your feet like never before in the history of humanity and you worry of matching the provincial genius of centuries back. Wake up!

Holy vision is latent inside of you, waiting to be embraced and respected by your intellect. Your intellect is useless without purpose, without vision! Without God the intellect is left to rationalize all the toxic acts and habits our forefathers knew instinctively as evil and time wasting, as life wasting. Will you not even try?!

‘Holy’ does not mean religious, it does not mean the static rituals performed mindlessly by unfaithful priests. It means all encompassing, holistic, nothing left out. You cannot solve politics without considering the economy and people and their attitudes and the influence of the corrupt, etc. and when you finally do begin to widen your vision the base evil of our society will overwhelm you. This is the purpose of faith, a fount of inner power bestowed by God to give you the power to make war on this evil! Know it will get better and that it has always been bad, you are one link in the infinite chain of being, thousands of generations had to succeed to get you here, through the ice age, and all the iterations of civilization we know about, a tiny fraction of the true history of humanity, so broad and long we’ve forgotten more as a race than you could ever know.

Holy vision takes years to develop, it takes years to sort through the impressions others place upon you growing up. Only near total seclusion and isolation will allow you to find yourself. It takes introspection and search, looking for answers to questions you arrive at through soul searching not from seeing something interesting online in a news article. Your imagination is your soul, look into it, consider a scenario and consider your emotional response, ask why you feel that way. Rearrange the perspective of the scenario and try again. Do you get the same emotional response for the same reasons? Or does something else stand out and bother you more than before? If your response doesn’t track with the previous one, or even contradicts it then you are blocked in some way, tied in a knot. some fragment of social programing or learned value has been grafted onto your soul and has enveloped your true deeply held values. you will never be free of these knots unless you’re God but you can get pretty close and can always get better.

As you spend more time searching your own personal values will become clearer and their fidelity will develop, allowing you to make better decisions that align with who you truly are.

Your values are inherent, genetic, deeply held. They are not some moral system you just decide to adopt because everyone else is doing it. These deeply held values trigger animalistic responses in you when challenged. You will get angry, you will get aggressive in defense of these values bestowed deep in your soul by God. But when you’ve untied those knots you will not feel guilty for your outbursts (they can be quiet, not all fights are won with a hammer) because you will hold the conviction of your values.

Conviction is deeply emotional, a subjective truth, something you know deeply inside yourself to be true no matter what the liars and corrupt beasts of the world say otherwise. It is a gift from God.

The more work you do the more your convictions will grow. The stronger your convictions the greater your vision and the possibilities that you can see.

When I imagine the possibilities of everyone thinking with the freedom I know in my own mind my chest swells with the ecstasy of God. My solar plexus alights with power overwhelming and I don’t know whether to scream or cry for joy.

In these moments I have no need for faith, faith is for the dark times. When all you can see is defeat on every horizon, at these times faith is king. Those ‘better men’ I scoffed at? Know they went through worse than this a thousand times over and still pulled through, it only takes one man with vision and the mind and body to wield it to change the world.

You know who you are.

— Carmen English is a poet mystic aspiring to self immolation in Canada’s petty bourgeois hellscape, and has a Twitter account and a blog.

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