“DC Twice” – “A Flight With No Meal” – “Fahey Brand Turtle Food”

DC Twice.

Only city names for people today: Austin, Carson, Avignon
We take a lap around Joan of Arc park and refuse

To give it back, like the papacy
To anyone but the rats we met that night

A Flight With No Meal.

The coal of ego is
Glowing in a dangerous

As we all try to
Exit the aircraft

That horrible coal
To say and be clever but

They all just want to go

To their favorite bar
Where its tender’s tongue
Is glowing

Fahey Brand Turtle Food.

I smoke one cigarette a week because it tightens a little tightrope in my mind specifically it tunes the rope to a D note. One time I smoked a second cigarette it was odd the tightrope became a chord of tightropes it became the open strings of a guitar opened up to D A D F A D but I was not careful with that tuning and became sometimes open D minor will make you a turtle on the center line of a two lane blacktop which is warm but a car ran me over and it sounded like running over a guitar.

— Tom Will is a poet and has a Twitter account

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