“Responsibility” – “By The Rivers Of Babylon” – “Onwards”

Responsibility I thought I would live forever underthe hill where the knights lie gathered and armedbut I was mistaken. I heard you call and it was an old memory I fought,not knowing where to turn. My aimless loveis something I often decline in light where men and women move, and in darknesstalking to those who … Continue reading “Responsibility” – “By The Rivers Of Babylon” – “Onwards”

“Laura” – “Mud Bath” – “Leaves fall;”

Laura The lies she must containfrom her gentle husband,preoccupied by his sanecrossword puzzle, a blandgame compared to her recentrole as a reckless spirit. Her life had been decentuntil a stray piece of gritlodged itself in her eyeas she waited for the train. If only she could cryin his presence, and drainaway the guilty thoughtsummoned by … Continue reading “Laura” – “Mud Bath” – “Leaves fall;”

“The Range” – “Imperial Stride”

image by Frank Abbott The Range just another day at The Rangebulbs over the tundrago with the factory awaitsextreme dumpchimneys pump out black ominous soot townscapepeople wakebreathing in carbonous fumesSunday morning masspiles of gravesthe vicar straysdead bodiescharcoaled lungsthe townspeople are dead at 41 Milk Boy elevator floorsfrom Floor 18takes the gamblers downoutta the scenebut waiting … Continue reading “The Range” – “Imperial Stride”

“The Strength to Dream” – “The Raw Soul” – “Under the Kingship”

The Strength to Dream the strength to dreamis given to usin resounding melodiesthe glorious hymns we singin perfect absolute harmony sing the songs of Arcadiathe songs of fifty million dropletsof vibratory bioluminescent bloodinto the etheric cauldroninto the vibrational bloodstream beauty sings through the senseswhere electric molecules vibratethrough the whirlwindsand mystery earth tonesclouded with hungry ghostswithin … Continue reading “The Strength to Dream” – “The Raw Soul” – “Under the Kingship”

“Second Dream of Ralf” – “Ambulance” – “Ambulant”

Second Dream of Ralf The following nightwe take the ropewayThe frozen mountain risesbefore us like a wall,separating us from earth and skyA diseased half-empty world,through circles of survival Above,of the paths open to meI choose the steepestPitch black and icyI slide down blindly,Ralf walks behind to where the village’shostile inhabitants,eager to attack,the fight back to … Continue reading “Second Dream of Ralf” – “Ambulance” – “Ambulant”

“If I Saw an Ancient Tree in the Yard of Einstein’s Boyhood Home”

Eons ago, he must have played beneath this treeseeking shelter in the shade of summer leaveswith strange shades of a green, yellow, and redglowing, universes circling overhead, filteringout the painful incandescent memories emanatingfrom his childhood, from millions of miles awayspeaking no words but understanding, knowinga language only heard in a nonlinear toneonly known in a … Continue reading “If I Saw an Ancient Tree in the Yard of Einstein’s Boyhood Home”

“Hail To My Succubus Lover” – “What I Beheld Inside A Black Iron Kettle”

Hail To My Succubus Lover I hear whispering voices,I observe hazy faces,often I find myself making astonishing choices,upon my entrance into specific places. I perceive rolling thunder.I behold a sublime flash of lightning,I pause and wonder,the situation is truly frightening. I sense her delicate hand.I embrace her moist lips,her invisibility makes it more grand.I am … Continue reading “Hail To My Succubus Lover” – “What I Beheld Inside A Black Iron Kettle”

“The Sandman” – “(untitled)” – “Dimension” – “House”

The Sandman To bring her sleep, the sandmanmust seal her eyelids withpoppy seed gathered in the west,smear her body with dust,as if preparing a corpsefor a long voyage.She who remembers everythingtravels through the nightwithout burial gifts to easethe discomfort of oblivion.Mourning is not an arrival,but rather a displacement,a recollection of days to come,devoid of both … Continue reading “The Sandman” – “(untitled)” – “Dimension” – “House”