“tamburlaine the great” – “sunrise (medusa)” – “house of atreus”

TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT Son of a shepherd Maggot of God Maggot of God your horses have trampled Trampled Persepolis Pissed out the Nile Black are your helmet spurs spear and cannon Heads of your brides are white and gold Son of a shepherd Maggot of God My kind lord Bajazeth thrown in a cage Fed … Continue reading “tamburlaine the great” – “sunrise (medusa)” – “house of atreus”

“the fawn” – “the slip” – “was” – “oh dear!”

The Fawn Would you approve, if I drilled into your spine? Nestling ruptures. Fizzing, white structures. You glance, black eyed, divine. Rigid, on icy chrome. Shrivelled cornea, alluding to the past, present and fading future In your mirror I find a fawn in the jaws of something you cannot contemplate Drenched in rusty sweat Your … Continue reading “the fawn” – “the slip” – “was” – “oh dear!”

“a history of something in three acts” – “republic of tears” – “in vino veritas”

A History of Something in Three Acts Lady Ogre was working out on her Peloton bike when she felt faint and dizzy and puked up a junkie. Downstairs, her sometime boyfriend, alias Captain Dread, stood with one booted foot on an alligator skull, preparing to address his perverted but talented crew of piratical underground cartoonists. … Continue reading “a history of something in three acts” – “republic of tears” – “in vino veritas”

“divine” – “dissection” – “perforated”

divine. as the ashes of the last star drift i am left again to eternal darkness this emptiness infinitely more trustworthy than its lighter counterpart who’s introvert nature keeps them cold hearted surveying my box, i stare into the gloom i took risks with the last and i’ll do it again knowingly gave them too … Continue reading “divine” – “dissection” – “perforated”


love died by its own marketing disrobed of implants every entity repents smokestacks blanketing the present tense  love is a lie worth buying once fool’s gold facts abstract  threshold stitched in gown to rim testate eviscerated hence the heart digs its worms out tax free segments stagnating foam licked loyal by saprobes fimbriated warzone techno … Continue reading “pasquinade”

“DC Twice” – “A Flight With No Meal” – “Fahey Brand Turtle Food”

DC Twice. Only city names for people today: Austin, Carson, AvignonWe take a lap around Joan of Arc park and refuse To give it back, like the papacyTo anyone but the rats we met that night A Flight With No Meal. The coal of ego isGlowing in a dangerousPlace As we all try toExit the … Continue reading “DC Twice” – “A Flight With No Meal” – “Fahey Brand Turtle Food”

“Cherry” – “Leaves In Shade” – “Lake Cumberland, Gethsemane” – “Garbo Laughs”

Cherry. All the women of the world have liquorlogged cherries inbetween their teeth those holding handfuls of maraschino cherries so gin logged on Monday Wednesday and Thursday Rye logged on Tuesday and Ryeday and a cherry mass on Sunday. Red vestments are in ordinary time. If Dali were alive today he’d be pulled over for … Continue reading “Cherry” – “Leaves In Shade” – “Lake Cumberland, Gethsemane” – “Garbo Laughs”