In the spring, I swore off liquor, gaming, and Massachusetts and moved into a four-floor boarding house in the city. My early days in that heap were uneventful: twelve-hour shifts as a copywriter in the downtown Brooklyn grid, the haunted moon phases of online dating, wine rooftop-shared in holy defiance at the deep-night skyline, the … Continue reading THE VERSE


hello! the latest newspost is now live:  there’s lots of things for us to discuss, alongside the new remastered kassim album release im sure were all really excited for!! this fanbase has kept me going this past year and im so grateful to all of you for your contributions on the forums. theres a … Continue reading THE REMAINS OF KASSIM CALLAGHAN


1 At three in the morning, the phone beeped—my brother Darren. “I have work tomorrow,” I said. “It’s tomorrow now, little man.”  He’d recently left prison and lived at a half-way house in Cambridge. It was the fifth call in four days. “You need money?” I said. A few seconds of wheezing. “Didn’t ask for … Continue reading MOLTING


Lester carried nothing in his hands. His rawboned upper body barely filled a half-buttoned tunic, sleeves rolled tight to his biceps, chest pockets bulging with what personal items he still possessed. A month’s growth of dark beard hid his face, his filthy black hair long enough now to sweep behind his ears. The steaming jungle … Continue reading HARD CANDY