NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Nothing Corresponds To Death Except Death

He wouldn’t get his first taste of Baudrillard until he was eighteen. At 6:15 a.m. on a  Wednesday precisely eight days into sixth grade, he was wearing pajamas with Pokémon on them.  He liked Pokémon. But he really liked explosions. They were fun.   The explosions on the television were not fun. Robert Mercado, some fucking … Continue reading NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Nothing Corresponds To Death Except Death

NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Baby’s First Sexually Transmitted Infection

tfw std or wtc There comes a time in every young man’s life when he looks down at his dick, takes a deep breath and thinks “should I see a doctor about this?”  You find a little lump. A little spot. A little hole. Some flaking and itching, maybe. Perhaps a little blood if you’re … Continue reading NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Baby’s First Sexually Transmitted Infection

Responsible and Organic Pasture-Raised Pussy

Every trip to the organic grocery store is an event. I take my time. I wander the aisles. I check out the bread made to Biblical specifications, or the instant coffee that’s either made out of mushrooms or has mushrooms mixed in with it, or the sweeteners for people terrified of the sugar everyone has … Continue reading Responsible and Organic Pasture-Raised Pussy

Dog Mom

The dog is laughing at me now, because it always laughs at me, now that the bloom is off its rose and the fawn coat has manged and the panting breath has soured and the slobber has foamed and it has revealed its true self, the true evil nature lying behind those hazel eyes that … Continue reading Dog Mom

Dog Shit

In high-school Spanish class, Daniel’s teacher wouldn’t teach them the “yo” (“I”) form of “costar” (“to cost”): “I cost.”  Daniel came out in ninth grade.  He could draw a line from the point of coming out until now, during which time he never learned how to say to guys clearly, in other ways, “Here is … Continue reading Dog Shit