8:13 PM  A woman stands a few yards away from the ocean with her toes neatly tucked into the sand, as if grounding herself to the Earth out of fear she’ll run or float away. The shadows cast by the setting sun’s alchemy with the dust in the sky make her stark nakedness hardly discernible … Continue reading WIND


“What is there to be said about Vom Sawyer, the great Schwinn-liberator, who’s loosed from their chains some half-dozen Huffies, Kents, and Dynacrafts already this month, an unknowable number in the summer preceding, an unknowable, inestimable, terrible number, who’s lain dormant all winter, evidently practicing his craft, whose fingers now sing in a twitching matrix … Continue reading THE CHIEF MAKES A SPEECH


I have worked for One World Environmental for fifteen years. I have always considered myself a family man, but these chapped and calloused hands have been behind the wheel of a beat-up old Japanese box truck more than anything else. I have gripped leather more than the bread I should share with my 9- and … Continue reading DUMP DAY


They gave me a card, and the card gave me carte blanche, which is a fancy French way of saying, I could do whatever and go wherever the motherfuck I wanted. In bold, underlined, all capital letters, it screamed: "UNDER DIRECT ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES." This wasn't strictly true, even though … Continue reading UGLY PLANET