You assume--being so knowledgeable with your one art history classtaken decades ago while studying in London (yes, London!),where there were real, honest-to-god Monet water lilies in the what'dya'call it Tate--that the two red wolves are symbolic or something. Maybe that's why only one is kind of tawny, the other being black as death or shadowsor … Continue reading “ON CORTADA’S RED WOLVES”


Time, like a howling wind,Onward dreadful flying,Naught his will denying,Passes, with a grin.Now ye stand in sorrow's space,Mourning tears about thy face,Midst a trackless, formless waste. Long, languishing you've dwelt,There where comes no reckoning,There where Dawn's light beckoning,Ne'er makes her presence felt.Far you've flown from time-bound throng,And gusts o'er void replace the song,Of souls that … Continue reading “TIMELESS MAN”


Of the newborn which stars second to the titular Eraserhead, Jack Nance (who would later die with a crescent moon-shaped bruise around his eye): The most unlikely theory is that the entity was man-made, perhaps crafted with Play-Doh or papier-mâché and what can only be described as “movie magic” to match real skin and organs. … Continue reading POSSIBLE ORIGINS OF THE ERASERHEAD BABY


The wind howls outside with all the operatic gusto of a new Scott Walker EP.  The gunshot blazes through my ear and I black out. I did it. I actually did i— “I’d love to kill myself like Kurt Cobain. One shot--dead. What a great ‘fuck you’ to all the dumb humans.” “Don’t you like … Continue reading FINAL CUT