“Responsibility” – “By The Rivers Of Babylon” – “Onwards”

Responsibility I thought I would live forever underthe hill where the knights lie gathered and armedbut I was mistaken. I heard you call and it was an old memory I fought,not knowing where to turn. My aimless loveis something I often decline in light where men and women move, and in darknesstalking to those who … Continue reading “Responsibility” – “By The Rivers Of Babylon” – “Onwards”

New Juche: Abjection, Location, Prostitution and the Unmasking of Western Culture

Obsoletion of Genre The Scottish writer New Juche moved to Southeast Asia from Edinburgh during the mid-2000s, in search of perversity and abandon. And if his books are any indication, he found what he was looking for. Abjection, cruelty, and sexual degradation — masturbation, prostitution, porn, and all the viscous fluids that flow from them … Continue reading New Juche: Abjection, Location, Prostitution and the Unmasking of Western Culture

“Laura” – “Mud Bath” – “Leaves fall;”

Laura The lies she must containfrom her gentle husband,preoccupied by his sanecrossword puzzle, a blandgame compared to her recentrole as a reckless spirit. Her life had been decentuntil a stray piece of gritlodged itself in her eyeas she waited for the train. If only she could cryin his presence, and drainaway the guilty thoughtsummoned by … Continue reading “Laura” – “Mud Bath” – “Leaves fall;”

The Alchemical Incorporation

“All hail, King Kill.” Endless numbers, signifying anything, floated red and green across the mammoth screen that was the wall. These did not scroll like those at the stock exchange, but danced, one derivative leading another. It was an ingenious index, tracking more than fluctuations, but flux itself, and the warbling integers that peopled it … Continue reading The Alchemical Incorporation

“The Range” – “Imperial Stride”

image by Frank Abbott The Range just another day at The Rangebulbs over the tundrago with the factory awaitsextreme dumpchimneys pump out black ominous soot townscapepeople wakebreathing in carbonous fumesSunday morning masspiles of gravesthe vicar straysdead bodiescharcoaled lungsthe townspeople are dead at 41 Milk Boy elevator floorsfrom Floor 18takes the gamblers downoutta the scenebut waiting … Continue reading “The Range” – “Imperial Stride”

Every Dog Has His Day: The Greatness Of Dylan Dog

To call Sherlock Holmes a “literary sensation” may be the greatest understatement in history. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to kill off the character, which he decried as a burden that kept readers away from his more serious historical fiction, the good people of Britain wore black armbands in mourning. They refused to believe … Continue reading Every Dog Has His Day: The Greatness Of Dylan Dog

“The Strength to Dream” – “The Raw Soul” – “Under the Kingship”

The Strength to Dream the strength to dreamis given to usin resounding melodiesthe glorious hymns we singin perfect absolute harmony sing the songs of Arcadiathe songs of fifty million dropletsof vibratory bioluminescent bloodinto the etheric cauldroninto the vibrational bloodstream beauty sings through the senseswhere electric molecules vibratethrough the whirlwindsand mystery earth tonesclouded with hungry ghostswithin … Continue reading “The Strength to Dream” – “The Raw Soul” – “Under the Kingship”


 I was lying on the large sofa as my mother prepared for the gala later that evening; yelling at the servants, worrying that the big bonfires won’t scare away the large Akrabut that prowled the area. Nothing would be more embarrassing than the large eight-legged creatures eating one of the guests, mom said and chuckled.  … Continue reading Waste