As summer draws to a close, join APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL for one last trip to the beach, but in the shimmering sea, a dark fin surfaces: SUMMER OF THE SHARK, our latest special edition. SHARKS–perhaps the most ubiquitous and feared entities on Earth. They have been on this planet longer than we have, and have casted a … Continue reading A SPECIAL PRESENTATION: SUMMER OF THE SHARK


This is about thereckoninginvisible until shewhips her ribs forthe tank lookingglass tinted wildblue executed on theprecipice of oureyelines still invisible theserrated touch onher tongue until ouroil-slapped fingers arewaving their synthetichellos dragoon hermouth apart like a blood-spot she bares thehollowed fossil of athroat cut drainingcavernous quiet. -- Sarah Park writes from Manila, Philippines. Her work has appeared in Eunoia … Continue reading “SMILE”