“Crosses” – “Infinite Mercy, Etc.” – “Fix” – “No one lives forever they promise at” – “Pepperoni”

Crosses When I die I won't, that's what they swear toat church and Sunday School and I'm ten yearsold or they say ten years young so whatdo I know that they don't but even soif I don't know much I don't know some ofit a lot, I mean I do know a bitbut know it … Continue reading “Crosses” – “Infinite Mercy, Etc.” – “Fix” – “No one lives forever they promise at” – “Pepperoni”

“AN AGGRESSIVE VOID” – “Because” – “coyote” – “this strange metamorphosis” – “welcome”

AN AGGRESSIVE VOID Because coyote this strange metamorphosis welcome -- J.I. Kleinberg’s poems have been published in print and online journals worldwide. An artist, poet, freelance writer, and three-time Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, she lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and on Instagram @jikleinberg.

“Late harvests” – “Wages of sin” – “Right in the middle” – “Passageways”

Late harvests It was this time of year when leavesare ripe with air and sun,when from the sting of sadness heavesthe breast that smolders stun; and soon the dullness wrapped the earth;and soon the dampness oozedon brows from pallid sights the dearthof hope in hearts infused. The fruits were quietly amassedof years of grinding teeth,and … Continue reading “Late harvests” – “Wages of sin” – “Right in the middle” – “Passageways”


SUNSHINE BE GoNE GOnE GONe Old Ugly Alfred held his hand outside from the twelfth story bathroom window. "Sunshine be gone gone gone, baby!" and sunshine was nowhere to be seen nor found. Somewhere underneath the rocky moon, pie-land claims me not until I come back from the city streets to shower off this inky … Continue reading “SUNSHINE BE GoNE GOnE GONe” – “WHY the hell DOES your PEE SMELL so BAD?”

“Obsession” – “Hang yourself…” – “The Eternal…” – “Procrustes’ stunt”

Obsession Hang yourself... The Eternal... Procrustes' stunt -- Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon) is a poet, anarchist, occultist from Hungary. Earlier books: (szellem)válaszok, A Nap és Holderők egyensúlya . New: Kiterített rókabőr. English poems published: Quail Bell Magazine, Lumin Journal, Moonchild Magazine, Scum Gentry Magazine, Pussy Magic, The Zen Space, Crêpe & Penn, Briars Lit, Acclamation … Continue reading “Obsession” – “Hang yourself…” – “The Eternal…” – “Procrustes’ stunt”

Helios In Amber & “Jupiter Scarred”

Helios In Amber Vera hears the whispering through the windows long before she gathers the strength to get out of bed. She crawls through the dark house, towards the hostile murmurs. So close to the floorboards, she can hear His sad, ragged breath.  The neighbours are crowding below her kitchen window. Vera does not see … Continue reading Helios In Amber & “Jupiter Scarred”

“Frankenstein God”

Immaculate Conception  The fated boy was born without cries or teary eyes,  Lama calm in sterile labs built underground from poisoned skies.  An incubation chamber for a womb, streamlined and polished,  Science the surrogate mother, the Almighty Father abolished.  That prototypal son was me,  Sculpted genetically  To push Homo sapiens into the next mode, Impervious … Continue reading “Frankenstein God”

“An American Exorcism (in three parts)”

Part One Words are alive. They take on a life of their own traveling from one mind to another. Words are daggers in my mouth, stabbing into your ears, clean and bloodless, piercing your brain, unleashing the flies, the incessant buzzing, so many flies, so many lies, buzzing around the dung heap of your mind, … Continue reading “An American Exorcism (in three parts)”