Up ahead, the shores of summer–but beyond that, in the shimmering sea, a dark fin surfaces: SUMMER OF THE SHARK, the latest special edition of APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL.

SHARKS–perhaps the most ubiquitous and feared entities on Earth. They have been on this planet longer than we have, and have casted a long shadow over arts, mythology, and popular culture. For that reason, our next special will be about and around the shark, from our underworld (and underwater) perspective, i.e., crime, the occult, schlock, sleaze, pulp, parapolitical, paranormal, apocalyptic.

Submissions are open in all categories. Email using normal submission guidelines to Please indicate somewhere in your email that it’s for the SUMMER OF THE SHARK special. If you have questions about the topic, or a pitch, you’re welcome to inquire. Deadline is Sunday, July 31.