A Simple Time, Somewhere Else

An intimidating father
A crack addict aunt
A photograph of a woman holding roses lit on fire, smoke watering her eyes
A vein that pulsates out of my neck when I’m under stress

An evil twitter follower
A contract with a security firm
A heartbroken half sister
A tair in the crotch that shows my testicle hair

A nonbinary police officer
A shoot out at a crowded beach
A pill that causes your grandfather to salivate
A hero who believes good and evil are abstractions

A fracture in time
A loser with a huge cock
A mother who struggles with love and affection
A time when it was simple, somewhere else

Astral Nightmare

I remembered that my first friend hated me
It’s night. And I stand with my arm behind me
Staring at a group smoking clove cigarettes
An implicit conflict stands between us, would you find me?

Would you…. Kiss ahh my eyes?

In nightmares, I can’t find my cock, it’s unnerving
But it’s there when I wake, replete of fresh blood
A stream of urine bisected
Between the viaducts of a weird nightmare


We don’t need freedom
Wait, yes we do
Who has it, what is it, I’m not free
Darby the holy fallen faggot

Buck teeth, speed balls, small dick

A psychedelic operation in progress
New warfare, a weaponized synesthesia
We all live undercover, unbeknownst to us

— Adam Lehrer is a writer, critic, artist, the editor of Safety Propaganda, and the co-host of the Systems of Systems podcast. Lehrer writes about contemporary art, horror fiction, experimental music, cult cinema, political theory, psychological warfare and ideology. His book of experimental fictions Communions is available now from Hyperidean Press.  He’s been published by American Greatness, Caesura, Gruppe, Numéro Berlin, Autre Magazine, The Quietus, and more.

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