“Fritz Hermann, Vampire of Hanover; Song of Experience”

Song A – Fritz Hermann, Vampire of Hanover

It is very safe to assume, that in every one of these
horrible little cities I pass through
with the choo choo train that
goes buzz
stuck between two mountains like pubic hair
in a house
the color of liver
between mama and papa in pastel and in puss
grows a kid, with blond hair and blue eyes
with a look of vague incest in his sparkly eyes
with a soulcandle burning SuperEasyFastWax
with whom I could def fall in love to the max

Song B – Song of Experience

A body is found at the foot of the church
I know who it is!
It’s Daniel
Went to Berlin
Flew to Rome
Visited Amsterdam
A tourist in Paris

On European cobblestones his footsteps clacked
(Might once have even crossed a border on foot)
And what’s more…

beyond recognition
All traces lost…

A while back…


Even the face
on the ID card
in his jeans
Was erased with a 2 Euro coin
But finally,

After a prolonged investigation
His identity revealed:
Daniel- like I said

And in his stinky apartment-
Worms and rats and a rare sort of fungus-
All his pictures
Brutalized, ripped, erased

Good thing he has an identical twin
Living in the Kibbutz 20 mins from the coast.
And so, not all is lost, not all is lost.

— Amir Naaman, born 1984 Israel, now lives in Berlin. He has published short stories and poems in the Israeli literary magazines Majan, Lot and Eruvin. His first novel Jonkei hadvasch (The Hummingbirds) was published by Tangier press in 2020. He has previously worked as a postman, cook, and bookseller. He now works as a personal trainer in Berlin-Neukölln.

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