“Hail To My Succubus Lover” – “What I Beheld Inside A Black Iron Kettle”

Hail To My Succubus Lover

I hear whispering voices,
I observe hazy faces,
often I find myself making astonishing choices,
upon my entrance into specific places.

I perceive rolling thunder.
I behold a sublime flash of lightning,
I pause and wonder,
the situation is truly frightening.

I sense her delicate hand.
I embrace her moist lips,
her invisibility makes it more grand.
I am aware of her subtle pressing hips.

When inside an overgrown shack,
or in a seaside castle,
I long for her embracing attack,
and our entwining enchanted wrestle.

My beautiful succubus queen,
thou ghostly lover
from a realm unseen.
How I long for no other.

Today’s mortals are seldom loyal,
and such a loathsome intellectual bore.
I prefer a shadowy flesh that’s well oiled,
by fireside on a witching hour plutonian shore.

What I Beheld Inside A Black Iron Kettle

Dark bowl of water
with ink blotter inside,
whence lies our quarter
inside the ides of time?

Tumbling clouds suddenly settle,
as a picture before me forms.
I see lightning,
I hear thunder
inside this black iron kettle.
I say,
something is a stir that is far from normal.

Inside the air surrounding me there is a heavy chill.
A roaring voice says; “behold!”
On the world scene forces of Satan move in for the kill,
as a horrible terror commences to unfold.

I watch is awe as East moves against the West,
with a ferocity and brutality that knows no end.
Even the US fails the universal test,
into a flaming cataclysm it soon descends.

I an terrified as great flames leap up in Washington D.C..
New York City is vaporized completely!
Raging flames consume Los Angeles,
in this greatest tragedy of history.

Thunder roars louder than any sound before.
I behold huge mushroom shaped columns of smoke!
Nothing remains for the eyes to adore!
The stench of burning flesh and death is so dense it chokes.

The might of the far North and the West finally unite,
as this universal battle runs ifs course.
The wicked king of the East continues to fight.
A secret horror soon mounts its battle horse,
as the Satanic king struggles with all of his might.

At long last the raging fires finally settle.
An astonishing emanation from beyond manifests.
Soon I behold a new warm embracing sun inside this dark kettle,
and all of humanity at long last
dwelling at its best.

— H.L. Dowless is an international ESL instructor and businessman when offshore. He has been a writer for over thirty years. His most recently signed publishing contracts have been with Pen It Publications, including two novels of fiction and one work of non-fiction. He has a blog where all of his works can be purchased, viewed, all in conjunction with details of the author’s personal life.

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