A vast array of rectangular white slabs fill the desert

A vast array of rectangular white slabs fill the desert. Concrete towers going up towards the void. Prison they said, used to be extremely expensive and inefficient. You had to pay to house the prisoners, feed the prisoners, place them in solitary confinement…. This required armies of expensive bureaucrats, that may occasionally generate bad PR. Of course, today there are technological solutions to everything. The real can be replaced with simulated environments utilizing big data blockchain AI Tableau Notion Cardano AWS Buzzwords-aaS to meet the individual needs of the prisoner.

In the prison of the future, prisoners don’t have to leave their rooms. A constant stream of bioengineered goop is injected into their veins. They are shackled by muscle stimulating gizmos and strapped to the metaverse. All for free, unlike the wagies 100 miles south in San Narcissus.

The brash violent hardline, let’s admit it, German prison guard has been replaced with a twinkish Hapa psychology major. Force is unseen in the prison of the future, replaced with hundreds of pseudo Marxist PhDs discussing Deleuze. Woke.

A Central Asian terrorist involved in a Turkmen natural gas conspiracy. Recruited by the CIA, the stupid bitch failed to detonate a bomb. Picked up by a sociopathic junior and eventually plopped far away – where fate ordained he belonged – to solemnly vegetate away his days.

He was placed into a great maze. The screen was totally white, feeling and sound were the only way to navigate it. It was blank, ethereal, and mysterious. No human overseer created this maze – an AI randomly generated it’s unforgiving edges. The maze was merely a co-creation between the inmate and the AI model, his desires would be fed into the AI to generate the shape of the edges. An infinite loop chaining both of them into eternity.

He woke up again, unknowing of the day, unknowing of if he was even alive – attempting to cross the maze to nowhere.

— Anonymous submission

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