…Poseidon’s Temple towers around you

…The fuselage encircles you 

 A millennia of Atlantean tradition

just another day 

Empire without equal

America at the end of history

Today will be the last day of your life

Panic grips the passengers 

You gaze into the scrying pool

You look out the window

Chaos and terror

The city is so close now

A feeling washes over

Over the screams in foreign tongues 

You’ve been here before 

You’ve been here before 

Time collapses for an instant 

You see a golden city drown

A moment given to feel the arc

The arc passes backwards through you 

You leave the temple to face the Sea

Skyscraper fills your vision 

Tidal waves blot out the sun…              

Fire pierces the cockpit…

Hermes S Thurston is an Atlantean survivor, occult student, and errant poet; he has a Twitter account.