Postcards from Atlantis II

For posterity. So begins our faithful recounting of the voyage of the Sub Rosa and her crew. We had been sent upon a journey to the ends of the Earth. To Terra Australis Incognita. Through raging seas and the delirium of hopelessness we sailed. At last arriving upon a frozen land. What found us there was beyond all reckoning…

Driven by impulse we entered the frozen monolith. Darkness shrouded the interior save for a faint glow emanating from the very walls themselves…

A feeling came over us then— as if a small voice whispering, drawing us further into the ancient sanctuary. The walls, once smooth, were suddenly adorned with ancient symbols. We could not decipher them…

Exhausted from our voyage, terrified by the unknown, we nevertheless ventured further. The faint voice I had heard within my mind grew into a steady thrum of compulsion. It said “Free me…”

…as we approached the edge of the walkway our eyes perceived there, rising from the center of the void, an otherworldly Obelisk…

At the base of the monstrous monument lay two large sarcophagi. One already open…for how many ages we knew not…

I was unable to resist the pull towards the structure and the terrible ancient tombs. As if by instinct my hand found itself over one of the runes adorning the sealed sarcophagus…in a flash I beheld strange visions of ancient civilizations, deep magic, and the dark forces within the Obelisk in front of us…

With a hiss the chamber opened! From out of the tomb stepped a man, unlike any I had seen before. His eyes shone with a golden glow and the very light in the room seemed to bend around his person! Though he must certainly have been hundreds of years at least, he looked no older than my own father.

I stepped back in shock! Within the very core of my mind I heard him speak the words I now transcribe for all posterity: “I am Hermes the Atlantean and I have come to undo a great evil…”

— Text by Hermes S Thurston, an Atlantean survivor, occult student, and errant poet; he has a Twitter account. Art by Graman.

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