Three Crime Scenes

Crime Scene #1

A wasp’s nest was alive tonight
In the corner of your alley

Alive with light red yellow
Green from the combs

Like an intersection
With the difficulty of a dream’s logic

You struggle to find a traffic
Signal to wake you all up

Crime Scene #2

All possible TV colors from the cop car
Blue red from beyond the cemetery entrance
That they’ve blocked off green
In the morning grass after something happened

Inside the cop car it is night time
Inside the cemetery grounds it is morning still as
The victim’s family demands the rights of citizenship

They claim that to die inside the cemetery walls is citizenship
For all their heirs thereafter into the Red Blue Green

Crime Scene #3

Groucho Marx cuckoo clock
The eyebrows shrug
On the hours
The cigar burns on
The hours
Ash on the A frame’s mantle
Dusty old fishing lures
And the break action casts a rainbow
Through its chrome
Onto the wall
Shaped like a fish scale
I want you to look through
A freshly oiled gun barrel
See the jacob’s ladder inside
Rainbows with wedding bands
For wings
Bullets seeking angels
Like god perhaps tomorrow
A smug click like
Your friend’s mother’s teeth

— Tom Will is a poet and has a Twitter account

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