love died by its own marketing

disrobed of implants

every entity repents

smokestacks blanketing the present tense 

love is a lie worth buying once

fool’s gold facts abstract 

threshold stitched in gown to rim

testate eviscerated hence

the heart digs its worms out tax free

segments stagnating foam

licked loyal by saprobes

fimbriated warzone techno

weened off the clerisy 

garbage in furs

trash endures

progress becomes parody 

before buildings turn ghetto

inside the freckle

a brain suits its sin

sentient chum

perform some Kegels 

till your depths are scary

regrow your cherry

in Rome’s last catacrotic squat

prey of the crown’s unsung zero

suck the flies from every hero

fat apertures of nipple rot

Eve lies gently nursing a snake

the gore of her cream in each eye

copious silicone milkshake 

you love to see a winner fry

nidorous pundits 

keying through dial-up

chase their pallbearers 

into the wrong hole

ergonomic gumbo 

won’t fill a cup with fallout 

corollaries piling coal

my faithful foal

saddled till the legs snap

muted by trolls

nips at its reigns

buttering up the Third Reich

counting dead bubbles in an enmeshed mind

pour out your favorites 

love disrobed in the market of its mold

you pray the way documentarians 

pray for tears from their subjects

now the alphabet reports you as you type it

the clouds just can’t

a generation erasing Rembrandt

abandoned to the hot obloquy of millennialism

do pry the screws from your pupil

cityscape blown in where skulls once fed

self-immolated Buffalo wings hung off Cupid

the reach of each catacomb blotted 

forked the stork’s proglottid

life inside the lost and found

welcome to your vaginal mesh in the round

— Sean Kilpatrick studied forensic photography, is published or forthcoming in: Boston Review, Columbia Poetry Reviewevergreen reviewNERVEFENCELITVICEBOMBDIAGRAMNew York TyrantSleepingfishObsidianVol. 1 BrooklynThe QuietusHobartGay Death TranceExpat PresstragickalflulandTerror House, Jacket2Exquisite Corpse, Tarpaulin SkyBlack Sun LitelimaeAlpha Beat Soup, and has a podcast here: https://shucksaboutpod.wixsite.com/everything

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