acropolis 8

chairs thrown in a pool 

i am still here 
you are still here	 waiting 
amongst a silent plastic assembly 
parthenon to some coming company 

swell to know 
what came before and 
what came after 
you is more 
than what you are now 

they are glossed over and below 
as it must be nice to be 
some quartz to keep running your hands back & forth & over 
& over & over 

you can fuck me and i mean it 
i have waited whole lives to be touched by you. 
and i will wait. and wait. & 

wait [...]

whole lives to come 
into an understanding of [...]
i’ve been told it’s like swimming in warm water.

                    the lapping dogs of morning will likely turn rabid. 
                    i have seen one devour a rat. 
                    i have seen one fall in and learn to swim and fail to find the exit.

                    i cannot decide to darwin or to god 
                    that if suffering is meant as machine why 
                    in a small dark motel 
                    when i hear the sound of girls 
                    talking through the wall 
                    i become an ancient flowing spring. 

him of hallucination

he spoke in the ancient liturgical language
sitting cross-legged in the shade of some ecological imbalance,


"good luck on the edge of vulnerability 

come 	the tooth, 
roots like signs of the absolute

a century of boiling light 

castle 	drip slowly

strange-looking creature 
pulped with love." 

a name is to domesticate

when I am moving I am nameless
only in sleep may you call to me

— (el)ena likes psychoanalysis and artichoke flowers. You can find her at https://bbkafka.wordpress.com/

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