— Dakota Proctor, an artist residing in North Carolina, puts his demons to work by creating electrifying portraits of figures real and imaginary with effects of wide-eyed horror, quiet sadness, schizophrenic paranoia, and manic obsession. To Proctor, being a good artist is a balance of feeling like “the shit” and “just plain shit.” He incorporates the wide-eyed imagination of his youth into his vibrant characters he paints, citing German Expressionism as a large influence, as well as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Bacon. Proctor is anti-propaganda and hopes to present his work plainly in hopes of easing your life in this crowded, loud world. He walks the line between thought-provoking adult sophistication and being the enfant  terrible, finding the blurred boundaries between irony and sincerity to be paramount in presenting his images. He can be found @plasticrepeater on all platforms

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