The Horror House:  Ex-surgeon turned carpenter who transformed victims into ‘Living furniture’ charged as lead detective cites this incident as “the most sickening and evil case” he has come across in 30 years on the force.

Eamon Mathews, a 57-year-old carpenter originally from Lanndos, was charged last night with the kidnap, assault and murder of over 30 victims.

A total of 21 identifiable bodies were found scattered across the ‘Horror House” located in Smethwick, Birmingham, where Mr Mathews lived. Another 11 victims were found alive, but severely disfigured as they had been surgically fashioned into ‘furniture’ by the accused.

Mr Mathews was a renowned brain surgeon until his dismissal from Birmingham City Hospital in late 2011. He pioneered the ‘Mathews slit’, a new surgical technique used for operating on tumours in the centre of the brain, previously thought to be unreachable without causing brain damage. The Mathews slit is still used today and is estimated to have saved thousands of lives across the globe.

However, Mathews was eventually dismissed in 2011 for ‘exhibiting troubling and dangerous behaviour’ towards staff and patients.  According to an ex-colleague of Mathews’, he was found to have been “asking to sit on female colleagues, trying to balance items on patients while in surgery” and was even caught “lying on top of a comatose patient.” He was subsequently struck off the medical register and deemed unfit to practice in 2012.

Sadly, this was only the beginning of Mr Mathews’ ‘reign of terror’. Whilst working as a carpenter, he managed to kidnap over 30 victims before drugging and operating on them. He did this over a 12-year period until his arrest in October 2022.

Many of the victims were homeless, illegal immigrants or addicts who were undocumented or hadn’t been reported missing. This may explain how Mathews managed to get away with acting out his twisted fantasies for so long.

Many victims didn’t survive the surgery and thus were buried across Mr Mathews’ property. However, the ones that did survive faced, according to pathologist Lucy Ball, ‘a fate worse than death’ as their bones were broken, skin removed, and organs rearranged to turn them into furniture.

One victim, Victim B, had their arms and legs contorted and rib bones flattened, transforming them into a table.

Another, Victim E, had been positioned into a chair shape, with the arms of another victim stitched to their rear to help hold them up while their own arms were utilised as an arm rest.

Victim T had their arms and a leg removed in order to ’function’ as a lamp stand. Their eyes were gouged out and replaced by working light bulbs which could be turned on and off by a switch positioned to the left of Victim T’s ear.

Three victims, Q, R and S were an immigrant family consisting of a mother, father and their 13-year-old son living near Mr Mathews illegally. They were sewn together as a three to make a bed which Mathews reportedly slept on every night. The parents Q and R each had a leg and arm amputated to form the ‘legs’ of the bed while the 13-year-old was robbed of all limbs and placed in between his parents as the ‘mattress’.

DCI James Patel, the lead detective on the case stated that;“In all my years as a police officer, I have never encountered such an abominable crime. This is the most sickening and evil case I have ever worked on. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families at this difficult time as my colleagues strive to ensure that they get the justice they deserve.”

All of the living victims were conscious after being disfigured by Mathews. He managed to keep them alive by inserting tubes into their mouths and anus which would force feed and remove waste from his victims. Although the tube prevented his victims from talking, they were still able to use their vocal cords to make sounds.

PC Gabriel Martez was one of the first officers on the scene after visiting the property following complaints by neighbours of an ‘overwhelmingly foul odour’ being emitted from the property.  PC Martez gave the following statement about his discovery of the victims in ‘The Horror House’ at last night’s press conference before breaking down into tears;

“The smell was the first thing that hit me. I could smell it as soon as PC Gill and I got out the squad car. Foul it was. Like burnt rotten eggs. It was so bad that when Mr Mathews answered the door, I almost vomited on him. I could see a small tabby cat winding itself around his legs and PC Gill said she thought this might be another case of pet hoarding, which would explain the smell. But then I heard them. The cries. They were muffled but I heard them. When we went in the lights were very dim so I turned on a lamp beside me but that’s when I realised where the burning smell was coming from. The lamp. The lightbulbs were burning the flesh around his eye sockets you see because …he was alive … they all were alive. And screaming and screaming and screaming…”

All eleven living victims are currently at The Queen Victoria hospital in West Sussex as they undergo intensive surgery and psychiatric treatment for their injuries.

A court date has not yet been set for Mr Mathews’ case, but sources close to him report that he is likely to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

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Typicalpieandchips: “originally from Lanndos”

Maybe if we stopped letting just anyone into Britain, we wouldn’t have these psyco’s running around. Brexit didn’t go far enough! We need to close our boarders NOW.  This is a national emergency!!! Let’s start by BANNING people from Lanndos from entering our country. Why are we still letting these foreigners in at all if THIS is what they are going to end up doing? Disgraceful!


Hope the cat is ok. Can’t stand animal abuse!

SeanEvans65: “before breaking down into tears”

Massively unprofessional for a PC to start blubbering during a press conference. Man up for f***s sake. Police are supposed to be tough enough to handle a bad smell and some dead bodies. Someone take this one back to nursery where he belongs. Wimp!

Mrsdevondiva: @SeanEvans65 Completely agree with you! Men aren’t men anymore. Police too scared to police in case leftie cry-babies get upset about them making criminals sad – it’s pathetic. 

JeffToner: “an immigrant family consisting of a mother, father and their 13-year-old son living near Mr Mathews illegally”

At least Mathews did something about these plagues of illegals flooding our country. Serves them right for trying to con their way in. Maybe this government should be taking notes…

FedupwiththeBull: “They were sewn together as a three to make a bed”

Gives a new meaning to the saying ‘you made your bed now lie in it’ – LOL. They knew they were doing wrong when they came here ILLIGALLY – Karma is real!

LittleMoe: “All eleven victims are currently at The Queen Victoria hospital

Be us taxpayers that are paying the bill for their hospital treatment though.

JeffToner: Many of the victims were homeless, illegal immigrants or addicts’

It’s not just the illegals we’re having to foot the bill for. It’s these dregs of society as well!

MakeBritainGr8agine: There’s a protest happening this Sat outside Queen Victoria Hospital on this exact issue. WE shouldn’t have to pay for their treatment. Send the Illegals back to where they came from and make the others pay with their own money or get lost! The NHS is struggling as it is without having scroungers like them clogging up our hospitals! 800+ people have signed up to attend so far! Here’s the link if you’re in – [!Link Redacted!]

LittleMoe: I’m in, see you Saturday.

JeffToner: Wife and I just signed up!

FedupwiththeBull: Brill work mate. Just signed up and shared it on socials. 


Can’t believe this monster had a poor cat living in that horrible house! Does anyone know what happened to the cat?

Dave1956: In an animal shelter according to this – [!Link Redacted!]

MamaBear68: Poor baby! All alone in a shelter after enduring all that trauma with that sick man.

EllenfromEssex: Just set up a GO-FUND-ME for the cat. Hope the money can help with recovery – [!Link Redacted!]

ManCityFan4Ever: Wow it’s reached the £2,000 mark already. Well done everyone! Looks like some goods come out of this disgusting case after all.

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