Larson spotted a ram’s horn
in a little out-of-the-way shop
he blowed it, and it blew
it sounded like heaven
so Larson is now Jew
or a quarter, see
he is almost all the way there
he just doesn’t like
any of the reform doctrine
which he winces at
“I’m true” he says
it’s a treat to watch him blow
it when he’s wearing
his brass knuckles and high
on dextro
no joking, it’s god-like lol

on tuesday Larson hosts
a send-off for fat-lungs, whose
parole was revoked
the send-off is the greatest
of retort courtesies, b/c
Larson hates pedophiles, and
especially those with eccentricities,
like mixing catsup and mustarding
he wants fat lungs put away for life

the send-off isn’t so much a party
as much as it’s a small boxing match
of some usual types in a garage
attached to a split level
sneaky pete, the prize fighter
has masturbated thrice in the day
and has lost all spirit, so
accordingly is knocked out cold
he is brought to his feet and given
a TV dinner in front of sally,
jesse and Rafael, lol
“Life has meaning” says Larson
and blows his horn

— Adam Johnson lives in Minneapolis.

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