Fiftie-one ladys on the stairs
uppie downie uppie downy
One Eye Bad Eye One Tooth Gone
she layes down again.

She spittes cherrys from the window
left eye sees when he steales inne
chacking mortar ‘gainst the pestle
she lies down again.

Standing ‘bove a gilten mirror
scrying hard to see her sinne
vinnegar fingers round her collar
she layes down again.

Lady whistles he shan’t have me this time
doesn’t know the creakings him
pearls in flessh that quivers glistenne
she layes down aginne.

Fourtie-eight ladys in a rowe
garnets woaven ‘neath their skinne
plyers work for leakie money
she layes down again.

Mitch works as a propagandist in Los Angeles

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