I always get sad in winter.

I miss the snowy nights of my childhood and the celebrations that capped the year.

I remember the first time my father let me sit beside him on our horse drawn carriage, my father dressed as Wodan, his coat already red and sticky; I remember the way he laughed and roared as the whole town joined us barreling through the forest roads, my laughter pitching to hysterical tears as I gave myself unto the frenzy.

I remember Perchta’s screams when the Wild Hunt caught her.

Children today do not celebrate like we used to. 

— Xavier Garcia is a writer/editor from Toronto, Canada. His short fiction work has appeared in Fugitives & Futurists, Cold Signal, Planet Bizarro, as well as in multiple anthologies published by Black Hare Press. A short horror film he wrote/produced, also won the Best Film award at the Rue Morgue and Sinister Nights Film Festival. You can find him walking the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh, or at twitter.com/xavier_agarcia.