Wine dark, worried woolen-hands,
apart from all, tin tinsel strands.
Eurydice and Orpheus-
miasmic eucalyptus bliss.
Tissue drizzle, blinked in pairs,
wherefore art deliberate love?
Yuleish years of tears and tears.
Ghostly bell sound hung above.

Apart from all, the scrape and brush,
and under, over, loving lush.
Fettered flecks, below bestow,
sign to sign, assign and so-
and so until the next depart,
apart from all, in swish and blush,
tilt and pull up ask, a gasp-
plumply lipping mask to mask.

In and bent, and bent again,
glassy glinting, growing in.
Red as tips in wintery sun,
hips, rose hips, begin, begun-
begin, begin, thin budding waste.
Ribbing, robbing, holding chaste.
Wind up braid, tip tap a nose,
clothing, closing, let me, goes.

— Emily Slotta is an aspiring writer and recent college grad from Denver. She likes poems and songs, her fish and crayons. This is her first submission. She has a sweetheart, but loves you too. Her Twitter is @CertainlyShad