It never occurred to me
what I could have accomplished in life
if I hadn’t been lethargic in bed
manic, drunk, starving, feeling sorry for myself
for the past eight years

If I hadn’t gone on those benders,
smoked crack in those apartments,
blew my paychecks on beer,
laid in bed for two weeks,
stole sandwiches to survive

Would I have written a book?
Composed an album?
Taken great photos?

Maybe I could have loved someone properly
(such as myself, or you)

I could have called my dad and spoke like we used to,
asked my mom how her day went

Instead I succumbed to my urges, left alone to my devices.
Living under the tyranny of my tired eyes.

— Tully K is a 33-year-old malcontent living in Portland, OR. You can find him saying stupid things on Twitter @ripcitythug or sometimes posting his photography on Instagram @tullys_photos.

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