A wrecking ball smashes through the statue of liberty. I take off my hat and sing the national anthem. A fraction of microscopic space expands into infinity. It’s my birthday and I’ve never been born. 

“If you ever catch a missile, throw it back in the sky,” says the person on the wrecking ball that smashes through the art museum. I watch them from a Ferris wheel, while holding hands with your literary crush. Art is powerful, but the power’s out. 

There are roadblocks in the clouds, and Jesus has a tattoo of a pentagram on his ass. There’s a pentagram on the wrecking ball that smashes through the gates of Heaven. Emerging from the flames like a phoenix, I burn to death immediately. There’s only one year left to learn how to live forever. 

— Nate Hoil could have been great. He tweets @natehoil

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