“The Range” – “Imperial Stride”

image by Frank Abbott

The Range

just another day at The Range
bulbs over the tundra
go with the factory awaits
extreme dump
chimneys pump out black ominous soot

people wake
breathing in carbonous fumes
Sunday morning mass
piles of graves
the vicar strays
dead bodies
charcoaled lungs
the townspeople are dead at 41

Milk Boy

elevator floors
from Floor 18
takes the gamblers down
outta the scene
but waiting outside
just by the Jag
is a gun man’s eye
as he lays the trigger back

now at the scene man
now the wise man ran
blood runs off the reap man’s hand
and the certain man comes
their blood

Imperial Stride

bet you by then Crixus you don’t know
then you touch back to the ground
there’s no cause or effect here
more than Glasgow
more than your beard

you’re wrong

mate sups big cups and mane is long gone
Big Chief swerves now
big big beer now
and on
faxing Galactus on
clear it on
pouring out bored
you know
in the bomb

an imperial stride!

— Jai Knight’s updates can be found at https://jaiknightwriting.weebly.com & https://twitter.com/_Jai_Knight

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