Two Sketches & A Limerick

image by Tom Will


My photograph is an instant argument with myself
I am attempting to prove God’s memories
To prove God is memories

Lying over an audience, moon/plank
Camera/held in my feet

Borges was off making a map the size of the territory
So I tie him to my headlights/ornamental bows
Off to find more territory

Begging Borges with fingers of cherry pies
That signal our intent of turn

You can’t edit my photographs/not instantly
Arguments take a great deal of time
A great deal of time

Borges was off making a map the size of the territory
Blind Borges the hood ornament
Overjoyed about the map and the territory
Growing at once together


The patron saint of window dressers

That shrinking piece of bacon

              Andy Warhol

Watching the world sleep; he was given;

Bequeathed; a stamp collection for Christmas

     As Christmas was his death


There once was a bathist named blauer
Who thought coke had medicinal power
So he published a mag/for the neonoir fag,
Then had a few beers in the shower

— Tom Will is a poet and has a Twitter account

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