The French Trees of Cinema french girl blowing her french smoke in my anglo-hungarian face as I think about montage as an answer to this life a different kind of flashlight asking after the reason for things a whip of proselight darkstill brainlost in mexico under the french trees of cinema flowering with red beetles … Continue reading MONTAGE


Sable-haired Fletcher Christian stands arms akimbo above the ravelin of Fort George amidst earthworks of umber loam and fellow Bounty mutineers, his unshaven whiskers charcoal on bronze. His tunic, pearl shell buttons complementing blue richer than the South Pacific sky that darkens to indigo as it meets the horizon, lies crumpled where he flung it, a … Continue reading PRE-PITCAIRN


This glass in my handCompels the Night-Imps to drownThemselves like poets.Quiet as light it happens;They don't even sing death-songs. There aren’t many left.They refuse to take up space.At best, a mouthful.Tonight it’s easy to watch.Tomorrow, just agony. I want to save them,Since they came to save me first.My hand is shaking.Is it my insides they … Continue reading “NIGHT-IMPS”


This interview, which was conducted in December 2021, was originally intended to be part of a book-length nonfiction project I wanted to write about the “niche of outsider lit” that I found myself in that year. Now it seems like a handy time capsule for that unique moment, cross-sectioning the literary microculture through the lens … Continue reading “INSULARITY FREAKS ME OUT”: AN INTERVIEW WITH GABRIEL HART