A Simple Time, Somewhere Else An intimidating fatherA crack addict auntA photograph of a woman holding roses lit on fire, smoke watering her eyesA vein that pulsates out of my neck when I’m under stress An evil twitter followerA contract with a security firmA heartbroken half sisterA tair in the crotch that shows my testicle … Continue reading “A SIMPLE TIME, SOMEWHERE ELSE” – “ASTRAL NIGHTMARE” – “FREEDOM”


Up ahead, the shores of summer--but beyond that, in the shimmering sea, a dark fin surfaces: SUMMER OF THE SHARK, the latest special edition of APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL. SHARKS--perhaps the most ubiquitous and feared entities on Earth. They have been on this planet longer than we have, and have casted a long shadow over arts, mythology, … Continue reading ANNOUNCING: SUMMER OF THE SHARK


Тихо, тихо. Без тебя так тихо.Шорох, истончающийся в нить.Всё на свете состоит из жмыха,Стоит лишь сильнее надавить. Грустно, грустно. Без тебя так грустно.Полоумья круглая печать."Ты и я" отныне бессоюзно,Будет по раздельности звучать. Помню. Помню всё. Тебя не помню.Фотоплёнкой таешь на свету…Сердцем угодив в каменоломню,Мерю сигаретой пустоту. Тихо, тихо. Без тебя так тихо… It’s so silent. … Continue reading “IT’S SO SILENT”


No—I don't want to ownmy Agency any longer. I wantto short the neon sign aboveits door, flickering: Choose! Now!Here! You can even leaveyour shoes on inside, forget Chinesenorms. No—I refuse those normsand these ones too. One can't pleaseanyone by pondering and pondering orbs.Or plucking futures like apples, heavywith promise (love? no—worms). Ugh. I said ugh. … Continue reading “AGENCY”


"Way Lost" by Kim Dorland The only memory I trust is that of the sunset. The other things, they’re fragmented into a million broken pieces, all of them too sharp and deadly-bright to fit back together again. She had a pink balloon tied around her wrist. I remember what she sounded like when she screamed … Continue reading WITNESS


Spinneret Behind the wisdom that, when chasedby a bear, one need not runfastest of all the prey but rather fasterthan the one who limps, say, or the one who loseswind mere steps into the chase, we meanto assume something of the bear:its speed or its unwavering will to eat.For you, every moment anticipates a catch,and … Continue reading “SPINNERET” – “FAIR GAME, FORREST” – “LIVING PROOF” – “COULD AND WOULD”