Revelation 6 (6/11/21)

“the fawn” – “the slip” – “was” – “oh dear!” -- The Yellow King Jack Ross and the Imaginary Museum of Atlantis -- Daniel Miller Juxtaposition & Obfuscation: A Manifesto -- Tom Will Mondo Teatro -- Roman D’Ambrosio Postcards from Atlantis II -- Hermes S Thurston and Graman “TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT” – “SUNRISE (MEDUSA)” – “HOUSE OF ATREUS” -- Max … Continue reading Revelation 6 (6/11/21)

Revelation 5 (5/12/21)

“devourer” -- J EVERETT “a history of something in three acts” – “republic of tears” – “in vino veritas” -- Howie Good “It’s no longer your film” -- Tom Will Jacob From the Machine -- Adri Persad War at 33 1/3: Throbbing Gristle, Public Enemy & Datapanik -- Will Samson Water Cycle -- Will Waltz

Revelation 3 (3/25/21)

Between the endless azure sky, ringing with clarity, and the gold-specked, blood-flecked dirt, jagged and portentous, our players enact a war-ritual. The artist–the sorceress who stalks this ruined temple–orders her man to fire bullet holes into her artwork. “Each bullet hole is a portal into the immortal,” to achieve immortality, infinitude, to become one with … Continue reading Revelation 3 (3/25/21)

Revelation 1 (2/23/21)

"Cherry" – "Leaves In Shade” – “Lake Cumberland, Gethsemane” – “Garbo Laughs” -- Tom Will "An Incomprehensible Fate": The Lovecraftian Mysteries Of FLICKER -- Dawson Wohler Jean Dubuffet and the Anti-Cultural Attitude -- SCOWL Lucy -- Brendan Notes on Occult Technologies -- Alex M. Postcards from Atlantis I -- Hermes S Thurston "Sometimes the whole … Continue reading Revelation 1 (2/23/21)