Lester carried nothing in his hands. His rawboned upper body barely filled a half-buttoned tunic, sleeves rolled tight to his biceps, chest pockets bulging with what personal items he still possessed. A month’s growth of dark beard hid his face, his filthy black hair long enough now to sweep behind his ears. The steaming jungle … Continue reading HARD CANDY


welcome to the shit future Conflict '22 Peace '22 -- EmptyCollective is a fully mobilized paramilitary group lead by a mysterious figure only known to us as "The Warlord Of Love." Combat trophies available at LuxurySpasm, full manual of arms available at empty4.neocities.org & @emptycollective.


illegal invasion is acceleratingprogress in inchessurrender to basecontainment illegal invasion violated yankee menbackman freeman johnson julietxeno idiot invasion authorize military activityauthorize military activity immediatelyauthorize military activity before one hundred fifty thousand dieadios illegal invalid invasion is hostilekill illegal soldier menexterminate extreme men announcementexpect atomic activityexpect anomalous biological activityexpect complex alien activity in the corridoropen corridor … Continue reading “BREATHE (PANIC LEXICON)”