Miss Jones and the Designs of the Devil

In “La représentation de la mort dans le cinéma américain,” eccentric sociologist Roger Caillois examined the depiction of the afterlife in a handful of postwar American films. He was surprised to find a seemingly coherent mythology emerge, one which seemed to easily map onto the collective imagination. According to Caillois, the films suggested a consistent collapse of the old … Continue reading Miss Jones and the Designs of the Devil

Helios In Amber & “Jupiter Scarred”

Helios In Amber Vera hears the whispering through the windows long before she gathers the strength to get out of bed. She crawls through the dark house, towards the hostile murmurs. So close to the floorboards, she can hear His sad, ragged breath.  The neighbours are crowding below her kitchen window. Vera does not see … Continue reading Helios In Amber & “Jupiter Scarred”


My boots plod along the intermittently lit asphalt meandering between the low, square brick homes, their darkened countenances taking on a somber tone at this late hour. Each of the stocky dwellings forming an unassuming and uneven frame of the stars overhead, the windows in almost all of them casting dark and somewhat accusatory glances … Continue reading Hatterras

Fulci The Pessimist

Known as “The Godfather of Gore” (a title he shares with Herschell Gordon Lewis), Lucio Fulci’s oeuvre is actually far more complex than his sobriquet might suggest.  Fulci’s work, like those of his contemporaries in post-war Italy, ran the gamut from sword and sandal to polizioschetti to gialo to sex farce. Italian filmmakers were working … Continue reading Fulci The Pessimist

“Frankenstein God”

Immaculate Conception  The fated boy was born without cries or teary eyes,  Lama calm in sterile labs built underground from poisoned skies.  An incubation chamber for a womb, streamlined and polished,  Science the surrogate mother, the Almighty Father abolished.  That prototypal son was me,  Sculpted genetically  To push Homo sapiens into the next mode, Impervious … Continue reading “Frankenstein God”

Dr. Brian O’Blivion’s TV Channel Guide – Horror Movie Marathon with Additional Programming

1: The Girl Additional Programming: Civic TV 2: The Television Screen Additional Programming: Clay Walls 3: The Retina Additional Programming: Mistress Masha 4: Getting Rewound Additional Programming: TV Names 5: The Flesh Additional Programming: Video Arena — EMPTYCOLLECTIVE is a federally funded thieves guild and multimedia art initiative. Full gallery available at empty4.neocities.org