NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Watching In Wait

There’s a perspective I find most chilling. One that suggests a continuity, history—motion. It’s the history that interests me less now than the motion, a view that captures a streaking, tearing trail with a sense of purpose, a destination and a predestination, the creeping culmination of an unstoppable, inevitable process: the realisation of terror. This … Continue reading NINE/ELEVEN:20 — Watching In Wait

NINE/ELEVEN:20 — At Least We’ll Be Eaten Together

Ju-On: The curse of one who dies in the grip of powerful rage. It gathers and takes effect in the places that person was alive. Those who encounter it die, and a new curse is born. -- Ju-On: The Grudge The obese prism of film, protruding out of silent, black and white projection – shadows … Continue reading NINE/ELEVEN:20 — At Least We’ll Be Eaten Together

NINE/ELEVEN:20 — I Was A Teenage Rapture Prepper

Growing up, the concept of death is something that children struggle to wrap their heads around.  The idea of reaching an old age and ceasing to exist one day can be a terrifying thought but after observing it through the deaths of pets and family members, it is something they eventually learn to be more … Continue reading NINE/ELEVEN:20 — I Was A Teenage Rapture Prepper

Bad Dreams in the City that Never Sleeps: The Scary Of Sixty-First and New York Realism

In her 1971 review of William Friedkin’s grimy crime thriller The French Connection, Pauline Kael describes New York as a “city in breakdown.” Films made in the city during the late 60s and early 70s couldn’t help but capture the chaos. As Kael writes, “the hookers and junkies in the freakshow on the screen are … Continue reading Bad Dreams in the City that Never Sleeps: The Scary Of Sixty-First and New York Realism

Evilspeak is a cautionary tale about what can happen when you let nerds go on the computer. Just as Adam and Eve bit the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, the piggish Stanley Coopersmith uses an Apple II to summon the Devil and his dark arts, wielding his newfound computer sorcery to wreak unholy, Carrie-style against his bullies at a West Coast military academy. That the Satanic powers are discovered and most acutely felt in the cellar of a chapel at a military academy in California, the supreme locus of dark forces in the modern age, is perhaps a case of accidental profundity on the part of the filmmakers. Either way, Evilspeak is a truly, effectively sinister picture, and illustrates just how demon-haunted our world is, whether by grimoire or computer

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Kelly stresses me out. Kelly makes me nervous. Kelly makes me cringe. Kelly likes me. Kelly calls me sweetheart. Kelly talks a lot. Kelly has a crush on John. Kelly just tried sitting on John’s lap but the nurses made Kelly cut it out. Kelly smokes Marlboro Lights. Kelly asks the nurses about the stock … Continue reading Kelly

Juxtaposition & Obfuscation: A Manifesto

image by Tom Will Juxtaposition is the most basic element of creation, and therefore of writing, and therefore of writing poetry. The term juxtaposition should be understood less as the extreme farness of the elements gathered, and understood more as the extreme nearness of their new shared location. Juxta-near, posit-place.  Juxtaposition is the 2 coming … Continue reading Juxtaposition & Obfuscation: A Manifesto