candy rots the teeth,
women bleed and men sweat,
rotting facilities decompose meat
and scientists live on the edge of the red-line
(scientists are not immune to suicide)

author of despair’s experiment
couldn’t think of anyone
further down the line than he
(besides the dying neotenes)

all the stuff of a million days, burned completely in a flare
firmament shattered and the first death left a charcoal shadow
steaming brickwork still ticked and clicked with heat
filled with knowledge, burnt angel . . .
the flask half full of broken glass

a pseudo-modern tiguex war
another rerun of acoma
a new kind of mushroom
(not an entheogen)

so what else could we do?
all glass chimneys must break
why aspire to be ember
when you can burn the world down?

the contemporary po’pay
leads us out of taos with
trinitite beads on his cloak

to laboratory castle,
hanging by the stained-glass threads
slicked across the desert,

all smashed slides and windows
spread across white sands, red sands,
white and red sands

’til it cant be spread no more

Tetrahedron is a writer, student, and game designer based in Texas. Her work focuses on religion, narrative, anachronism and the intersections thereof.

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