Along with our slate of general submissions, we will be publishing four special presentations this year, like we did last year. Below is a logline for each, with the submission deadline and publication date. As we roll out the formal announcements for each, this page will be updated.

…LOVE — “It’s easy to say all the love stories have all been told, all the love poems written. But no real love story is alike. And the mystics, malcontents, misfits, and maligned must find the ringing bells and illuminate the room.”

GAIAHORROR — “This is your Earth. This is your 8 billion screams of insane terror. This is your open wound carved into the bedrock of 4 billion years. This is your ocean turned to blood. This is your valley of the shadow of death. This is your dark forest filled with the unimaginable. This is the machine that will consume without end. This is the specter of God coming for your firstborn sons. This is the zero-sum.”

DUST: JOHN FORD & THE ATOMIC FRONTIER — “The land has all been mapped. The territory has all been taken. But a new frontier opens again in the Southwest desert. THE RED MENACE STILL EXISTS! And beyond the Las Vegas skyline, past the Pioneer Club sign, a mushroom cloud rises.”

BAD BACK JACK THANKSGIVING SPECTACULAR — sins of the family, sins of the nation; deep politics, deep history; left-wing, right-wing, all parts of one atrocious bird. Deadline: November 8. Publication: November 22.

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