WAR–the father of all things; what is it good for; the ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner; never changes. It is also the subject of the next special presentation by APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL.

This humble psyop sleaze rag celebrated its YEAR ONE anniversary on the same evening that Russia invaded Ukraine, casting a long shadow of the possibility of large-scale conventional warfare across Europe, and the world, for the first time in decades. Events haven’t quite turned out that way, yet, but the shadow remains.

For that reason, our next special–to be published on 11.11.22, Armistice or Veterans Day–will be about and around WAR, from our underworld perspective, i.e., crime, the occult, schlock, sleaze, pulp, parapolitical, paranormal, apocalyptic. While we’re always happy to make exceptions based on quality, our preference is for submissions based around wars that have happened or are ongoing, from rock-and-sharp-stick skirmishes between cavemen to laser-guided UAV operations.

Submissions are open in all categories. Word limit for short fiction and essays is around 5k. Email using normal submission guidelines to Please indicate somewhere in your email that it’s for the WAR special. If you have questions about the topic, or a pitch, you’re welcome to inquire. Deadline is Friday, October 28.

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