Democracy is a civilizational slur that insists the slithering swarm knows better than sense and custom. That reality should be reconstructed according to consensus psychosis, to make room for the experience of the mentally ill who only them can see “real” reality or rather that it does not exist. That life should be regimented according to the wishes of “the people” who have their will passed down to them by an “elite” who merit their position through being those members of society who are weakest and easiest to crush. Individual weakness arouses the bugs, they come together to stomp on the Noble Man who separates his bread from his trash, an affront to their way of life which is to make all into one and roll around in the rot. The second his mind is infested with Democratic ideals he is ready to shred his own king because it is fair only if all are free to eat off the floor. Termites of civilization eating away at the foundation the fathers bled for them. The virtue of a kingdom is there is a single tyrant to kill, democracy makes every man a tyrant, a spy and conspirator against his brother. Killing a man for praise from screeching chimpanzees. Democracy is a mob, a gangrape. Its favorite film a snuff tape. The only Legitimate state is that which is strong enough to put down the mob.

— Drascolav

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