“The Strength to Dream” – “The Raw Soul” – “Under the Kingship”

The Strength to Dream

the strength to dream
is given to us
in resounding melodies
the glorious hymns we sing
in perfect absolute harmony

sing the songs of Arcadia
the songs of fifty million droplets
of vibratory bioluminescent blood
into the etheric cauldron
into the vibrational bloodstream

beauty sings through the senses
where electric molecules vibrate
through the whirlwinds
and mystery earth tones
clouded with hungry ghosts
within the occulted blood
the imperial blood
the darkwave blood

the molecular energy
spilled into the golden goblet

the higher vibration touched
the pulse of vitalized energy
the vitalized stream
the reflective stream
going into the freak-stream

I have seen invisible surgeons
performing their duties
in a temporal manner
dealing with vibratory convalescence
and other modes of dreaming

but these spherical shells
shall guide and inhabit
these arcane operations
the surgical procedure
happening in a trance
in a stream
in a blazing stream
to ignite this dream
and set the tonal endeavor
on its course

The Raw Soul

the raw soul awoke
the tone encoded

in signals
that spiraled off

into tonal flames
dancing flames

but the graceful dancing
invisible signals

flowed through mountainous regions
and unseen valleys
and brought absolute Atlantis into our hearts
through reflective lights
and clear glassy fields of light
switching from one Cyclops eye to the other
flipping through coded signals
one wave-istic trance at a time

Under the Kingship

under the kingship of Dagobert II

where colloidal gold was widely used

the chemical

with the precision of an electron microscope
circa 676 AD

their eyes unmolested by cellphones and such
could actually see the molecule

and through the dominion of thrones
a dynastic supremacy
floated in the elevator
down to a more earthly perspective

the reishi mushroom spore appeared
in the brain of Dagobert II

which sparked the ignition
of a deeper endeavor

angelic thrust of the phantasm
history in motion

the bloodlines taking form
and plasmic ore
refined through ulterior streams
and going into more hidden spheres
operating through mental telepathy
through their refined sense
of exotic mentalities

sphered through
a calming of the nerves
through botany and medicinal arcana
and imperial majesty of the blood-kings

— Chris Moran is the author of the poetry collection Psyche and Specter (Terror House Press) and the long poem GHOSTLORD (Solar Luxuriance). His poetry has appeared in Expat, Self Fuck, Fugitives & Futurists, and other places. He lives near Cleveland, OH where he records ambient music under the name Boring Dream and he is on Twitter.

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