Kelly stresses me out. Kelly makes me nervous. Kelly makes me cringe. Kelly likes me. Kelly calls me sweetheart. Kelly talks a lot. Kelly has a crush on John. Kelly just tried sitting on John’s lap but the nurses made Kelly cut it out. Kelly smokes Marlboro Lights. Kelly asks the nurses about the stock market but the nurses don’t know anything about the stock market. Kelly complains of a kidney infection. Kelly wears sparkly cowboy boots that glitter. Kelly wears leisure suits. Kelly’s dad was in the Air Force. Kelly’s dad is dead. Kelly was three years old when someone started hurting Kelly and where was Kelly’s dad? Kelly is not talking about crystal meth or crack cocaine. Kelly thinks Kelly is getting out of the tank. Kelly is not getting out of the tank. Kelly is mean to Amberlee because Amberlee is traumatized and won’t stop talking about it. Kelly tells Amberlee to disappear but Amberlee does not disappear. Kelly has two sons. Kelly has an ex-husband. Kelly’s ex-husband forced Kelly’s blue-eyed boy to beat Kelly in the kitchen but Kelly’s blue-eyed boy’s blue eyes secretly protected Kelly. Kelly has nephews who ski. Kelly’s nephews who ski work at a ski lodge. Kelly’s nephews who ski teach people how to ski. Kelly asks Olivia if Kelly needs to be Olivia’s mommy in the tank. Kelly asks Olivia if Olivia’s mom is 51/50 because Kelly’s mom was 51/50. Kelly loves Olivia because Olivia is British and blonde and she’s been in the movies but Olivia hates Kelly because Kelly is Crazy Kelly. 

Kelly is also mean to Matt. Kelly is mean to Matt because Matt always calls his mom a cunt on the phone. You’re not supposed to say words like always, or never. Kelly is mean to Matt because the nurses caught Matt licking a page of his notebook. Matt was licking his notebook because Matt had secretly soaked some pages in liquid LSD. 

Matt is from Skaneateles, New York. 

Matt moved from Skaneateles to Boulder, Colorado. 

Matt talks really funny. I forget how Matt learned to shoot up. Was Matt self-taught or did someone show Matt how? 

Matt believes in aliens. Matt has seen a UFO before. Matt swears to God. 

I share air with Matt. How many summers does Matt have left?

— Myles Zavelo lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY.

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