Welcome to the first special of YEAR TWO -- $$$, the money special. Presented on this most accursed of American holidays, Tax Day, this special offers a variety of fiction, poetry, essays, and visual art on that which is the root of all evil, that rules everything around us. Before that, though, here are a … Continue reading $$$


Marry the boss’s daughter.Being born ugly,or pretty, but without right or wrong.Never step foot in the West.The West eats their young.Little fatties.Good fat is never seen,only heardin the blood.And only pure blood,super-quick and golden,pumping lottery wins,pumping gonorrhea.Total freedom.Wave the flag.Stomp knees backwardsof the homeless.Make them jump like cricketsright out of town.Get those prices back up;this … Continue reading “DIVORCE, AMERICAN STYLE”


Spring rain falls in curving linesand I remember the taste of your skin–full of oranges and ash.Birds shriek in the rain,as if my too human errorsset their colorful feathers on fire. I see Father watching youthrough the kitchen window.He exhales a coffee stained sighand retreats to his study beforereleasing bitter tears that move no universal … Continue reading “MOTHER”


excerpted from Beta Testing the Ongoing Apocalypse by Tom Kaczynski — Tom Kaczynski is a cartoonist and a publisher. He is the author of the award-winning Cartoon Dialectics series, many essays on the comics medium, and the forthcoming Trans Terra graphic novel. Tom K is the founder of Uncivilized Books, a boutique publishing house and think-tank specializing in comics … Continue reading UTOPIA DIVIDEND


How To Exterminate the Intellectual Caste I. - Introduction Identifying the target and annihilating it; the guiding principle is clear and precise. Circumstance, including how one’s faculties are arranged and directed within it, brings the complexity and obscurity. But the principle remains, and may serve to guide attention and action even in the most obscure … Continue reading WIPING THE SLATE CLEAN


TODAY I WAS ELEGANT I could have been a lawyer.I would have been a wonderful doctor.This is what the morning sun tells meStreaming into my heart… Instead, I get lunch with my friendWho is a lawyerAnd my friend who is a doctor,A large fern flickering over my face. I am wearing a long sheer dressMeant … Continue reading “TODAY I WAS ELEGANT” – “THE RIVER (1963-2019)”